Health Forward awards $356,955 in applicant defined grants

Kansas City, MO — The Health Forward Foundation (Health Forward) has awarded six nonprofit organizations a total of $356,955 in applicant defined grants during the month of October.

Health Forward reviewed 18 proposals totaling $1,159,001 for this funding round.

The following grants were awarded in October 2018:

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[efsth_column]Program Description[/efsth_column]
[efsrow_column]City of La Harpe[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]To encourage programming in the areas of community well-being, recreation, healthy eating, and active living through a wellness coordinator position.[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]Curators of the University of Missouri[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]To reduce mental health stigma among African-American churches and community members through educational interventions, risk reduction practices, linkage to care services, and mental health screenings.[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]Jewish Family Services[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]To provide outpatient psychotherapy to uninsured, underinsured, and low-income residents of Johnson County, Kansas.[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]Missouri Family Health Council[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]To achieve a greater policy impact on issues related to women’s health.[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]Rosedale Development Association[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]To build organizational capacity to address multiple factors impacting overall community health in Rosedale, a low-income, ethnically diverse, and underserved community within Kansas City, Kansas.[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]Sheffield Place[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]To provide mental health services to homeless children, mothers, and families with high barriers to achieving self-sufficiency. Services include individual therapy, case management, group therapy, and psycho-educational groups.[/efsrow_column]

Applicant defined grants are reviewed and awarded monthly. These grants allow organizations to define their own immediate grant needs in relation to the Health Forward mission, target population, and service area. Organizations are allowed to apply once per year and are capped at $75,000.

In 2018, Health Forward will award approximately $4 million in applicant defined grants. Our remaining application deadline is Nov. 7. After that point, we will begin migrating to an improved grants management system. The next opportunity to apply for an applicant defined grant will be March 2019 (tentative).

“We are proud to partner with these organizations to eliminate health disparities in our communities that are most in need,” said Bridget McCandless, M.D., Health Forward President/CEO.

Learn more about Health Forward’s applicant defined grants.