Health Forward awards $739,399 in Applicant Defined Grants

Kansas City, MO — The Health Forward Foundation (Health Forward) has awarded 15 nonprofit organizations a total of $739,399 in the final Applicant Defined Grants (ADG) funding rounds of 2016.

Health Forward reviewed 38 ADG proposals totaling approximately $2.4 million in requests over this two-month period.

The following grants were awarded in November and December 2016:

Agency Amount Project Description
Allen County $25,000 To support a part-time, paid market director to expand the activities and impact of the Allen County Farmers Market.
ArtsTech $57,000 To provide mental health services for at-risk adolescents (ages 13-19) in an alternative education setting that uses trauma-informed care, restorative justice practices, and youth enterprise development to reduce behavioral issues, increase attendance percentages and decrease drop-out rates for students who are currently suspended from traditional KCPS schools.
BikeWalkKC $65,000 To establish a base network of support with local schools and community organizations to build a community network of care around the fundamental idea that all communities, especially those with limited transportation access and poor health outcomes, deserve quality places to live and access to physical activity.
Center For Conflict Resolution $40,000 To support a full-time, conflict resolution strategist to serve low-income households with unresolved conflict that can lead to violence.
Chwc Inc $40,000 To support the development of a program that will pilot the use of hydroponics at Splitlog Farm, which provides fresh produce for underserved residents of urban Wyandotte County.
Donnelly College $45,000 To support ongoing efforts of Donnelly’s Counseling Center to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness and to serve the individual mental health and wellness needs of our target population of very low-income, minority and first-generation college students.
Gordon Parks Elementary School $68,300 To support mental health services and trauma-informed care for low-income and underserved elementary school children.
House of Hope $41,992 To support a family support specialist that will provide direct services to children and their families affected by domestic and sexual violence.
Kansas City Consensus $40,000 To support the Hub: Wellness Survey Project, which will create a baseline understanding of the physical, psychological, and social relationships, and health insurance status of young adults 18-24.
Medical Society Of Johnson & Wyandotte Counties Foundation $52,000 To add a care coordinator position that will help reduce barriers to accessing health care and preemptively resolve problems that cause patients to miss or show up late to appointments. This position will also enhance programmatic data collection/reporting capabilities.
Missouri Coalition for Oral Health $70,000 To advance public policy that supports and builds improvement of the oral health of all Missourians.
Mother’s Refuge $40,000 To support staff who provide front-line, daily support for the program and services at Mother’s Refuge.
Reconciliation Services $45,000 To support the RS Internet Café as an innovative and integrative front door to the full spectrum of RS social service programming.
Unified Government of Wyandotte, Public Health Department $50,107 To reduce late-stage diagnoses of breast cancer for African-American women in Wyandotte County.
United Inner City Services $60,000 To provide training for staff, increasing their ability to uncover and assess mental health challenges among young children and their parents in order to refer them to appropriate care; provide training for parents so they can access care for their own mental health challenges and those of their children; and to develop a dashboard that will combine data from incompatible systems to determine the scope and depth of mental health challenges faced by families and the true barriers to accessing service.

Health Forward Applicant Defined Grants (ADG) are awarded outside of the Foundation’s annual Requests for Proposals. ADGs are reviewed and awarded monthly and allow organizations to define their own immediate grant needs in relation to the Health Forward mission. Organizations are allowed to apply for an ADG once per year and are capped at $75,000. In 2016, Health Forward awarded $4.4 million in ADGs.

“We are proud to support the work these organizations are doing to remove barriers to health care for the most vulnerable populations in our service area,” said Bridget McCandless, M.D., Health Forward President/CEO.

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