Health Forward awards $385,158 in applicant defined grants

Contact: Jennifer Sykes
Phone: (816) 241-7006

Kansas City, MO — The Health Forward Foundation (Health Forward) has awarded nine nonprofit organizations a total of $385,158 in applicant defined grants during the month of February.

Health Forward reviewed 18 proposals totaling $1,219,094 for this funding round.

The following grants were awarded in February 2018:

[efstable width =”100%”]
[efsrow_column]Amethyst Place[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]To support the Amethyst Place Supportive Housing program. Program components include furnished housing, adherence to sobriety, case management, life skills and parenting education, and other wrap-around services targeting at-risk mothers and their children.[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]Cancer Action[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]To provide services and support to underserved cancer patients and their families.[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]Crossroads Charter Schools[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]To support improved social and emotional health of students with implementation of Behavior Intervention Support Team (BIST) training.[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]Developing Potential[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]To address the medical needs of adults with developmental disabilities through support of a full-time nurse.[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]To reduce substance use and recidivism among program participants by hiring trained staff to implement the Thinking for a Change program.[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]Hope House[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]To support continuous quality improvement efforts as part of current accreditation status and standards developed by the Council on Accreditation.[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]Kansas City Anti-Violence Project[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]To strengthen the agency’s ability to serve LGBTQ people affected by violence through support of consultation and additional administrative assistance.[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]Uzazi Village[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]To continue providing perinatal community health worker services to at-risk mothers.[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]Wyandot Inc.[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]To support accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities and implementation of a new strategic plan that will improve service delivery.[/efsrow_column]

Applicant defined grants are awarded outside of Health Forward’s annual requests for proposal. These grants are reviewed and awarded monthly for organizations to define their own immediate grant needs in relation to the Health Forward mission, target population, and service area. Organizations are allowed to apply once per year and are capped at $75,000. In 2018, Health Forward will award approximately $4 million in applicant defined grants.

“We are proud to partner with these organizations to eliminate health disparities in our communities that are most in need,” said Bridget McCandless, M.D., Health Forward President/CEO.

Learn more about Health Forward’s applicant defined grants.

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