New Year Is a Time to Give Thanks

The Holidays are over and it is time to get back to work. My house was full of family, laughter, and good food for virtually every day between Christmas and New Year. Like most of you who live in the Kansas City area, I spent some part of each day shoveling snow. I was able to watch some TV, read a book and catch up on some work projects. It was a very busy time but it was good to be away from the day to day routine activities.

Not everyone is so lucky. Many folks live on the streets or in homeless shelters or in their cars. Taking a break from their “daily routine” is not possible. Even on holidays, young children are taken into foster care, women are abused by their “friend” and homeless folks walk the streets looking for a handout at street corners. Uninsured residents get sick and try to find somebody to provide health care to them. Isolated elderly people are lonely and confused and afraid to come out of their rooms. People are hungry and are unable to provide food for their family. This is the other side of our community that people do not like to talk about but it does exist – and the numbers are growing.

As we ring in the New Year, I salute the staffs of not profit organizations and government employees that provide vital life saving services around the clock to the “least among us”. I am in awe of the passion, dedication, respect and patience that these professionals show their clients. So while the rest of us were enjoying a break from the “daily grind” during the holiday season many of these non-profits and government professionals were still at work taking care of those that need assistance. Please know you are appreciated and we are in awe of your dedication to your community.

Social Factors

Health Forward Foundation
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