New Documentary Showcases Work of Violence Interrupters

Our foundation office is located on the corner of 18th Street and Prospect in downtown KC. Though we have a nice office space within close proximity to the wonderful Negro League Baseball Museum and the Jazz Museum and a beautiful view of Downtown KC, our neighborhood is also home to a lot of crime and violence. There are many wonderful caring people living in the neighborhoods around our offices who care deeply for their families, but are sometimes frightened to go outside for fear of being shot.

This is not something that just happens in Kansas City. Urban violence takes place throughout our nation. Years ago an evidence-based program was created in Chicago to reduce shootings and homicides called CeaseFire. The program has achieved outstanding results and is being replicated in other cities around the country, including Kansas City.

The locally based replication of the CeaseFire Program is called Aim4Peace. The Aim4Peace program is also evidence based and focuses on the neighborhood factors that most often contribute to violent crimes by helping those who are considered high-risk of committing offenses. Aim4Peace is successful in reducing homicides in the areas where they work in our community.

In order to learn more about how Aim4Peace and CeaseFire programs make our communities safer, the Tivoli Cinemas in Westport Manor Square is showing a movie entitled the “The Interrupters” directed by Steve James and Alex Kotlowitz (they also directed the movie Hoop Dreams). This movie will show you how “violence interrupters” can help protect communities from violence and homicides.

If you are concerned about violence—this is a must see movie. An advanced screening of the movie will take place on Thursday Oct 20th at 6:30 pm. Regular showings are from Friday October 21st through October at the Tivoli Cinemas. For movie times and to reserve tickets, visit To learn more about Aim4Peace please go to or call 816-513-7902.

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