My new glasses

Lezly Vergara being fitted for her first pair of glasses.



Editor’s note: Cristo Rey School Nurse Melanie Becker identified Cristo Rey students who needed glasses. We are honored to have Lezly Vergara’s account of her first eye exam and receiving glasses.

The process of getting the glasses wasn’t that complicated. When Nurse Becker first took us to the OneSight Vision Van, they gave us a snack. Students from other schools were there, and we had to wait our turn. We were all nervous!

In the exam room, there were seven nice people there to test my eyes. First, I took the common test, which had me standing on a line and covering one eye. They asked me to read the letters that I could see.

Then, they put drops in my eyes, which hurt a little. They told me that this would make my pupils bigger. They were going to take a picture of the insides of my eyes! The next step was to try to catch a 3D fly and follow some lines with my fingers. After that, the doctor used a high beam light to look in my eyes.  He asked me to follow the light without moving my face. This was followed by blowing air on my eyes. I really am not sure why they did this.

Lastly, a really nice woman took another picture and, then she sent me outside to a truck to get my glasses. I was so excited! I didn’t want to leave! Everything – finally – was so clear.

On that day, I got to choose my glasses. There were so many shapes and colors of frames to choose from. This was my first eye exam ever.

After waiting awhile and having more snacks, they called me back to grab my glasses. Once I put them on, I could see everything perfectly and I was so excited. The doctor was even excited, and he took my picture.

I’m so thankful that these people helped me, it was awesome. The people who helped me came from many different states and places. It was so cool how they help kids like us.

Thank you so much,

Lezly Vergara

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