Monday Nighters Know How to Celebrate Life

In my job I get to meet many inspiring people who live life to the fullest. Recently I was invited to join the Kansas City Call’s Monday Nighters to watch the Monday Night Football game with them. What a night! This group of about 15 interesting and fun loving African American men has been getting together for more than 42 years to watch Monday Night Football. These gentlemen know how to celebrate life and absolutely enjoy being with one another.

Most of these very accomplished men are now retired but they started watching Monday Night games together during their parenting years while they were working full time. Many of these community legends now are volunteers and serve on not-for-profit and for-profit boards in addition to caring for their families.

You have to have thick skin to be a regular Monday Nighters—the back-and-forth of making fun of each other gets pretty intense—but they made me feel so welcome. By the end of the night they gave me the ultimate compliment because they started to give me some “feedback.”

Watching 42 years of friendship and sharing was something to cherish. I have never seen guys have so much fun. And these guys knew their sports teams and they knew their sports trivia. One guy used Google when we got stuck, but for the most part an unbelievable knowledge of baseball, football and basketball was on the tip of their tongue.

I have never developed a “bucket list,” but the experience I had the other night hanging out with the Monday Nighters is worthy of being included on anyone’s’ bucket list, and something I am so grateful to have experienced before I die! Can you imagine having this wonderful experience for over four decades? The Monday Nighters is one very special group!


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