Message to Washington D.C. – Set Aside Politics as Usual and Find Health Care Solution

A group of foundation leaders who fund programs in Kansas recently met with Gov. Mark Parkinson. In my opinion, Gov. Parkinson is a hard working, compassionate and honorable person. I am so impressed that he looks at issues without being overly concerned about the politics of the issues. He simply is trying to do what he thinks is right. It is so refreshing to see a politician with this kind of integrity.

Gosh, I wish he was in Washington DC during the debate on health reform. Democrats in the House are not consulting with Republicans in drafting legislation. House Republicans are for the most part simply opposed to whatever Democrats propose. It is so disappointing to see elected officials act in a way that is so immature and dangerous to our future. Both sides are already talking about the 2010 election and how they will use the upcoming health care votes to raise money. Shouldn’t elected officials from both political parties be working together to see how a new health bill can be drafted to provide quality and affordable health insurance to all Americans?

I was proud to work on the staff of Senator Tom Eagleton in Washington DC for over seven years. He, like Gov. Parkinson, was a person of integrity who always voted his conscious and worked with people on all sides of an issue to reach a common solution. Sen. Eagleton and Sen. John Danforth represented Missouri in the U.S. Senate and it was very common to see these two leaders from different political parties often consulting with each other trying to determine what was best for the state of Missouri and for our country.

It seems to me that the current political culture in Washington D.C. is not helpful to obtaining good public policy.


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