Let’s Stop Playing Partisan Politics

In Missouri and Kansas the state legislatures are winding up their legislative sessions.

In Kansas, hopefully Governor Mark Parkinson will bring a fresh approach to the partisan discussion that has taken place the last few months. Governor Parkinson is one of the finest people public servants I have met… he is a leader with both substance and common sense values. I am hopeful he can get legislators focused on solving issues rather than playing politics.

In Missouri, this year the general assembly has been as mean spirited and full of personal attacks against members as I have ever seen it. This “attack strategy” has taken place within members of the same political party and of course between political parties. It is a shame. Maybe in the last two weeks cooler heads will provide leadership so quality health care can be provided to more uninsured Missourians.

Somehow, politicians in our two states have come to the conclusion that mean spirited / attack politics is the primary way to conduct business. They are wrong. Whatever happened to transparent policy discussion? Most major decisions will not be made on the House or Senate floor. Rather, the party caucuses (held behind closed doors) are where the action is and the decision reached in the caucuses determine the outcome of what happens during floor discussion.

People are losing confidence in government officials. Our democracy demands a higher standard of conduct from our leaders. There are too many important issues that need solutions than to waist so much time on partisan politics.


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