Let’s Start Holding Political Candidates Accountable

Political campaigns and policy discussions are having a tough time co-existing in today’s world. I am old enough to remember a time when what a candidate said during his campaign is what the candidate believed. I am not sure anymore.

In today’s world, most of what we hear about from a candidate during a campaign is about the opponent – she/he is a big spender, likes to raise taxes, is not patriotic, votes wrong on all the important issues and is simply unfit for public office. What I am not hearing is what the candidate will do if elected. They’ll say they want to protect American values, create jobs, cut taxes – but how?

It seems in today’s political word, the political parties control the messages given out by the candidates. It would be so refreshing for a candidate of either party to stand up and not just attack his opponent but simply tell voters what they believe. I know this sounds naïve but I can remember back in the 1970’s when I worked for U.S. Senator Tom Eagleton in Washington, DC. This was a time where both Democrats and Republicans were considered “REAL” Americans. The campaigns focused on critical issues. Candidates talked about issues rather than simply attacked the values of their political opponent or stretched the truth about their opponent’s public record.

Before the November election it is imperative for voters to hold candidates accountable to talk about real issues. Let’s hear about what candidates will do to create jobs, spur on the economy, provide assistance to the poor and underserved, improve health care, reduce our national debt, assist our military in uniform, protect our environment, improve our schools and roads, etc.

I know I am sounding like my deceased father who many years ago said “I sure miss the way it used to be. “


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