Let’s Focus Reform Talks on Quality Health Care, Not Profit Margins

Health reform discussion and legislation is on a fast track in Washington, DC. All the players say we must provide quality health insurance to the 47 million uninsured. Everyone agrees on this and this is a huge step forward since the Clinton days.

How we structure the new health plan and who pays for it is still in question. It is interesting to hear the various interest groups –insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, medical equipment providers, doctors/dentists, etc. – to opine about the importance of protecting the current profit margin of their industry. It seems that the discussion in Washington is about how we can reform health care and still protect the profit margins of the folks who are currently making big bucks.

It seems to me that we should be more focused on how we can provide quality health and health care for all Americans at a cost taxpayers can afford. As a nation we already pay more for our health care than any other industrialized county in the world. Clearly the insurance, pharmaceutical, medical equipments, hospitals, doctors/ dentist are going to have to change how they do business and how they charge for their services. The federal government is going to have to incentivize quality rather than quantity and prevention needs to be given an increased amount of attention and funding.

The next few months may be historic in our nation’s history as Congress attempts to make quality health and health care more accessible to all Americans. Please let your federal elected officials know how you feel about various reform measures that are currently being discussed.

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