Legal Aid Lawyers Work for the Rights of the Poor

Last week, I met with a group of legal aid lawyers from all around the country, including several of our outstanding team of legal aid lawyers in Kansas City. These skilled and dedicated lawyers, who could earn two to three times their current annual income if they were in private practice, have devoted their life to helping the poor obtain justice via our legal system.

Our justice system is complicated, and without professional legal help, the chances of a poor person obtaining justice via our legal system is remote.

These lawyers:

  • force landlords to remove lead from apartment buildings
  • they appeal eligibility rulings from the state/federal government and secure medical and disability benefits for those who deserve it
  • they make sure immigration laws are being implemented equability
  • they make sure children and loving care givers are protected in domestic violence cases
  • they make sure that civil rights laws are enforced properly
  • they are helpful in guardianship issues and fight to protect the best interests of the child
  • they have large case loads and work crazy hours.

They do all this because they believe our legal system should benefit all of us and not just those of us who can afford to pay a lawyer!

Sometimes these legal aid lawyers take on big corporations, the federal/state/local governments and prominent well-heeled business people…trying to make sure that the poor among us are treated fairly in a court of law.

Legal aid lawyers are unsung heroes, and those of us who cherish our freedom and legal rights under the law should support legal aid lawyers with our money and with our appreciation for a job well done.


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