Learning bike safety is a BLAST

Editor’s note: this winter, our Communications Officer’s daughter, Maggie Sykes, had a BLAST with BikeWalkKC.

The BLAST (Bicycle Lesson and Safety Training) program is designed to teach safe bicycling skills to students. A qualified BLAST instructor, working with the school’s physical education instructor, covers lessons in both in the classroom and on bicycles to practice riding skills on school grounds.

What does ABC stand for?
A – air
B – brake
C – chain

Quick: use the quick release to adjust seat height
Check: check yourself before you wreck yourself

Each class received four bike lessons. The program is grant funded and is provided at no cost to the school. Lessons include signaling, helmet fitting, and safety checks.

BikeWalkKC was amazing. Three of my classmates were struggling on riding a bike. By the end of the first class we were all riding bikes.

They brought enough bikes for everyone in the class. The best part was they had the right size bike for me even though I’m very small.

They set up courses and paths for us to ride on. We did this activity where [the instructor] put out stop signs and cones, and we pretended like we were on the road. There were lots of different courses but one was really hard. You had to make very tight turns. But it helped me to know how to turn better.

They taught me and my classmates the signals on the bike and the ABC Quick Check (a safe way to get on your bike). BikeWalkKC made me want to get on my bike and take a ride in my neighborhood. I have looked forward to every P.E class.

I am glad BikeWalkKC came to Meadow Lane but eventually they had to leave. On the last day everyone were doing their signals, the ABC Quick Check, and riding all over the gym.

The past two weeks in P.E have been so fun! Thanks BikeWalkKC!

Health Forward is proud to sponsor this program. Read more about BLAST

2 thoughts on “Learning bike safety is a BLAST

    Great job, Maggie! I enjoyed watching others learn to ride a bike in our PE class! This program is fantastic and I encourage other schools to check it out. Thank you for the foundation for funding BikeWalkKC!

    I loved reading your blog post Maggie!! It was great to see how excited all the students were about this wonderful program! There were lots of students and parents talking about how influential this program was in getting kids out riding their bikes much more than they normally did in the past. Thank you Bike WalkKC and to the Health Forward Foundation KC for making this possible!

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