Knowing the Signs of Abuse Can Help Protect Children

As April winds down, so too does Child Abuse Prevention Month. But child abuse prevention is a continual, 12-month effort.

In 2010, there were 56,897 reports of child abuse in Missouri. Perspective: that number would fill approximately 70 percent of Arrowhead Stadium. You can find more information about child abuse in Kansas and Missouri in this report released by Kansas City Child Abuse Roundtable. Please note: this link opens a pdf.

One of the best ways that you can help children in abusive situations is by knowing the signs. CAPA, a nonprofit is committed to prevention and treatment of child abuse, released this list to help keep kids safe:

  • Knowing the potential signs of abuse and neglect
  • Learning the facts about child abuse
  • Keeping an eye on the children in your neighborhood and community
  • Speaking out when you see potential signs
  • Knowing who to call if you suspect abuse or neglect
  • Talking to family and friends about protecting children from abuse
  • Looking for ways to aid and support families with children
  • Learning how to manage stress while caring for children

CAPA also has some excellent abuse information on its website. You can also check out our Child Abuse and Family Violence resource page. The more you know, the better equipped you are to spotting child abuse and knowing how to act.

Special thanks to Jeanetta Issa from CAPA for contributing information for this story.

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