KC Grocery Access Task Force Breaks Barriers to Food Access

The Kansas City Grocery Access Task Force is the brain child of KC Healthy Kids, IFF and The Food Trust. The three organizations assembled nearly 30 experts who represent the grocery industry, local governments, community and economic development, public health and civic sectors to address food access in the Kansas City region. The task force developed nine recommendations for state and local public policies that can improve the availability of healthy, affordable foods by building supermarkets and grocery stores in areas affected by food access issues.

In January, both the City Council and Health Commission of Kansas City, Missouri, passed resolutions supporting the Fresh Food Financing Initiative. These policies offer financial tools to help remove the barriers grocery store operators face. These projects are also linked to healthier lifestyles and can create hundreds of new jobs for the community.

grocery shopping produce aisle.jpgThe Kansas City Grocery Access Task Force members are working to educate policy makers, foundations and other key partners on Fresh Food Financing Initiatives and engage them in defining a local program and its funding streams. Task force members are also reaching out to community groups in both Kansas City, Kan., and Kansas City, Mo., and asking them to show their support for a Fresh Food Financing Initiative by collecting signatures on postcards. Community members are excited to sign the postcards and join the effort to renew and create grocery stores in low access areas.

The task force will continue to be present in the community and work to advance Fresh Food Financing in the Kansas City region. With support of the local cities and community members, grocery store renovation and development projects will refresh neighborhoods, finally allowing access to healthy food for all.

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