It’s Back to School for Voters: Time to Study the Issues

The August primary elections are over and now we know who will be the Democratic and Republican candidates running for each major state and national office. Unfortunately, I am already tired of the political ads I am seeing over and over again on TV. And we are lucky in Missouri and Kansas, because both political parties are ignoring our two states for the Presidential elections. I was in Minnesota recently and Governor Romney and President Obama had commercials airing almost around the clock.

While I consider myself a political junkie, I am surprised and saddened by the tone of the political ads. All the polls show that “negative ads” have impact and the more nasty, the better results they receive. Wouldn’t it be refreshing for candidates to talk about their platform rather than tearing down the opponent? I know I am naïve but I think a positive ad would stick out and be effective in this very toxic political season.

Voter turnout for the primary election was embarrassing. Hopefully in November, we will do better, because without the input of the majority of voters, the small, very vocal minority may take us in a direction that the majority would find harmful. If this happens we can only blame ourselves.

I personally am glad that Rep. Ryan is on the Republican ticket. While I do not personally agree with many of his solutions, I do value and appreciate his ability to get all of us to talk about the important issues of today: our federal budget and how we prioritize and pay for federal programs that serve our citizens.

As Americans we have important decisions to make. Please take time to study the issues and make sure you vote in November.


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