As the US debt ceiling debate continues in Washington, DC and various budget cut proposals are made public, it is hard for one to not lose hope. How can the these health and social programs for the poor, the elderly, the underserved be cut in such a dramatic fashion without causing chaos?

Clearly the federal government budget has to be trimmed significantly. But alongside those cuts needs to be efforts raise revenues to allow federal officials to preserve domestic social service and educational programs.

A few years back President Obama defined the word HOPE in the following way:

“Hope is not blind optimism,
It is not ignoring the enormity of the task ahead
Or the roadblocks that stand in our path
It is not sitting on the sidelines or shrinking from a fight.
Hope is that thing inside of us that insists,
Despite evidence of the contrary,
That something better awaits us
If we have the courage to reach for it,
Work for it and fight for it.”

It is my hope that both the President and other congressional leaders from both political parties understand that compromise is strength of statesmanship, not a weakness of political principle. This is not the time to be worrying about the next election. Now is the time to protect the economic and social justice future of our country. We need political leaders who are full of HOPE.


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