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Support Kansas City was founded in 2000 with the express mission to support nonprofits by providing them with business and development services so that they could focus on their missions. Over the last 17 years, SKC has worked with over 300 nonprofits in the metro area. Through our education and community impact work, we’ve reached many more.

SKC helps nonprofits build capacity. In a recent conversation, a current client of 13 years shared how important SKC’s services have been to her organization’s ability to grow. During that time, their budget has increased by 400 percent. “We have a small staff of 2.5 full-time equivalents. To do the things we rely on the SKC team would require an additional staff person.”  

Nonprofits rely on our expertise. From auditing fund development plans to assisting with financial statement audits, SKC has a team of nonprofit professionals who are experts in fund accounting, fund development, database development and implementation, and governance and strategy. These experts have chosen the nonprofit field as their career choice. Helping nonprofits from “behind the scenes” is their passion. I asked one of our staff members who joined our team right after college and has stayed through her master’s degree program and securing her CPA, why she continues to share her expertise at SKC. “It’s a great way to feel like I’m a part of other organizations. I can help lots of other people while staying in one place.”

All of us who support nonprofits want to see meaningful collaboration in our sector. Collective impact work has become a model for sharing resources and addressing more complex problems. SKC has been assisting with two community impact initiatives over the last several years. Convening groups of nonprofits around specific initiatives is a growing area of support for our team. We help convene nonprofits in the areas of advocacy and cultural competency. We see a growing need for effective infrastructure in supporting collective impact work in our community through the “backbone organization” role SKC plays for these initiatives.

Over the last 10 years we’ve worked closely with the Health Forward team, serving as fiscal agent for a number of agencies that need our assistance in satisfying their grant award. We value the opportunity to help small and startup nonprofits understand the importance of financial oversight. Health Forward also uses SKC’s administrative team to provide backbone support for two of their initiatives, the Cultural Competency Initiative and the Advocacy Capacity Initiative.  These initiatives are great collaborative examples of how foundations and nonprofits work together toward a shared vision.

The SKC professionals share their expertise throughout our sector. By end of year 2016, SKC will have presented 25 workshops locally, regionally, and nationally. We convene our clients monthly to share coffee and conversation about topics that are of concern and interest to them. The local nonprofit community has come to rely on our ability to research and interpret changes and trends, for instance the anticipated changes in the Fair Labor Standards Act. Nationally, other communities seek out our leadership in shared services, most recently we participated in a national webinar for the Nonprofit Centers Network about our shared services business model. We were part of a panel presentation at the conference for the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors in Chicago, sharing our experiences in supporting community initiatives.

Nonprofit leaders want effective ways to meet their missions. They want to have smart operations with the right staff and access to nonprofit expertise to help them to not only improve their programs and services, but to better use their resources to become more sustainable. The SKC vision is a “high performing, sustainable nonprofit community.”

We’re excited about the past and look forward to the future and the role we continue to play to support nonprofits in their missions and our work with others to collectively achieve our vision!

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