Healthy Lifestyles Funding Opportunities

Last week we completed our pre-proposal conferences for Healthy Lifestyles Foundation Defined Grants. We had a record turnout with many people attending their first Health Forward pre-proposal conference. I am not surprised by the large turnout of people as the demand for health and social services in our community is at an all time high.

As potential grantees begin to develop projects for the upcoming Healthy Lifestyles RFP, I want to encourage you to think outside of the box. Now is the time to think about how services can be provided better or more efficient, about new ways to partner and collaborate with other agencies and about being bold and innovative.

While it is important to provide education around our priority areas of fitness, nutrition and tobacco use, we encourage you to think beyond education and develop projects that strive to increase access and opportunities for fitness, nutrition and smoke-free environments. We hope to read about projects whose focus is not just on individuals, but on multiple levels of interventions. We are particularly interested in projects that seek to implement policy or regulatory changes, be it at the organization, community or government levels.

In tough economic times, the non-profit community is more important than ever. We look forward to reading your proposals, and as always, we are continually inspired by the quality services that you are providing to the uninsured and underserved. If you have questions about our Healthy Lifestyles RFP, please call 816-241-7006 and ask to speak to Jane Mosley or Adriana Pecina.

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