Health Care Foundation is now Health Forward Foundation

This was a typical Google alert for us. Visitors definitely found us in a variety of ways.

Most of you know us as Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City. But we also answer to the Kansas City Health Care Foundation, the Greater Kansas City Health Care Foundation, and sometimes even the health department.

It can be confusing, we know. It was hard on our partners when they sometimes struggled to introduce us, but most importantly, our name did not fit what we do nor where we work. Our focus goes beyond traditional health care. It is about making systems work better and transforming communities so that everyone has an opportunity for better health.

The name didn’t do justice to the diverse work our staff and our partners are doing to move health forward.

And our reach extends well beyond Greater Kansas City, as we partner across six counties including rural communities on both sides of the state line. It did not make room for our partners in Lexington, Belton, Iola, and Moran.

With this in mind, we decided it was the right time for a new name.

To do this, we started with the things that don’t change:

  • serving those most in need
  • partnering with the community
  • advocating for health and wellness

We needed a name that reflected the dynamic momentum happening in our communities. A name that focused on the vision we have for healthy people in healthy communities.

Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City is now Health Forward Foundation.

Health Forward keeps our focus where it belongs: on the sustained effort it takes to achieve the promise that health should belong to everyone.

Together with our partners, our board of directors, our Community Advisory Committee, and my wonderful colleagues, we are igniting a culture of health.

Together, we will continue to move health forward.

Health Forward Foundation
2300 Main Street, Suite 304
Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 241-7006