Health Forward’s Grantmaking in 2014

At the end of each year, our Health Forward associates recounts health-related events from the year in our Year in Review blog series. This year was no different.

In 2014, we also recapped our 10 most popular blog posts.

We also like to keep you informed about what we’ve been up to in the past year regarding grantmaking.

In 2014, we awarded a total of $19.5 million in grants. That went to 146 agencies in the form of 210 grants and initiative funding. We couldn’t be more proud helping to support the work of our incredible grantees and community partners.

Health Forward's 2014 Grantmaking

But leading into our 10th year of funding, we wanted to show you more than just an overview of how much financial support went to each funding area. And so we’re happy to present a special feature to our website that shows just what a productive year 2014 was. This highlights not only how much we awarded in 2014 into the community, but also how we’ve been involved in supporting our communities through our leadership and advocacy.

We love looking back at the accomplishments of the year. We hope you enjoy this look back, too.

Visit our 2014 grantmaking site >>

You can compare 2014 grantmaking with prior years on our Pinterest page.

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