Have a Little Faith

Sometimes I go months without reading a good book and sometimes I find myself reading two or three books at the same time. Well, I have been reading a lot lately.

Two weeks ago Mitch Albom was in Kansas City promoting his new book “have a little faith”. I had bought this new book because I had really enjoyed reading other books written by this author…especially his book entitled “Tuesday with Morrie”.

This new book touched my heart. It is a true story about two religious men from different backgrounds and with different faith journeys. One man was a rabbi from the Bronx; the other was a minister to a homeless congregation in Detroit. While the rabbi always felt comfort with his faith, he never stopped asking questions, especially when his young daughter died. The other minister was a drug addict who spent years in prison and living on the streets before he started his church for the homeless. He too struggled with his faith because he saw so much destruction and pain in the world.

One of the things I like about this book is that I bet every person who reads it will discover something unique to ponder depending where they are in their own faith journey. My take is that my faith journey is about asking questions and having enough curiosity and courage to challenge my current thinking so I can hopefully reach a deeper and more personal relationship with God. When I stop asking questions and having doubts…then my faith becomes stagnant. Faith is a journey of hope. Without hope, the meaning of life and death is hard to comprehend.


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