Applicant Defined Grants

Applicant defined grants are based upon applicants’ determination of need and should be consistent with Health Forward’s mission, target population, and service area. The maximum amount that can be requested is $75,000.

Applications are reviewed on a regular basis throughout the year, with funding decisions made usually within 4-8 weeks after receipt of proposal.

No organization may submit more than one applicant defined grant proposal per calendar year, regardless of whether or not a grant is awarded.

Requests are accepted for:

  • Capacity Building – Requests should enhance or improve the organization through developing skills, ability, and resources (i.e. technology upgrades, strategic planning)
  • Core Operating Support – Requests to cover day-to-day activities or ongoing expenses (i.e. salaries, utilities, office supplies, technology)
  • Program Support – Requests to support a specific, connected set of ongoing, long-term activities or services with explicit objectives/outcomes, and predetermined costs.
  • Innovation – Requests to support a new idea, method, or improvement

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