Applicant Defined Grants Reporting

2021 COVID-19 Update

In 2020, Health Forward made changes to our reporting process in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Be sure to use the most current reporting templates provided below.

If you have any questions regarding grant report requirements or how to submit a grant report, contact

These updates will affect grant reporting in 2021:

  • Relaxed reporting: To support our grantees in handling more urgent priorities, we have eliminated interim report requirements for 2021.
  • Grant flexibility: Grants awarded prior to May 2020 were converted to general operating support where needed. Grants awarded after May 2020 will maintain the purpose and intent documented in the grant agreement. Contact your program officer with questions related to this action.
  • Final report budget template: Health Forward eliminated this requirement for all grants approved prior to May 2020.
  • No-cost extensions: To address projected delays, log into the grantee portal to submit a request for a no-cost grant extension.

Download the reporting packet (zip file) to begin preparing your applicant defined grant interim and final report. (See instructions for opening zip files.)

This packet contains the following documents:

  • Final report guidelines
  • Evaluation guidelines

Interim Reporting

Interim reports will not be required for applicant defined grants in 2021.

Final Reporting

Final reports and completed budget worksheets (available in the application packet zip file) will be submitted through the grantee portal. Final reports must be submitted online; no other formats are accepted.

Instructions on how to complete the final report will be sent by email with a reminder approximately one month prior to the due date. This email will include the questions you will see online when preparing your final report.

Tip: Review the questions in advance so you have prepared all of the necessary information and can avoid the system timing out.

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