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The Cost of Untreated Mental Illness[/efspanel-header]

Approximately one in every 10 adults in the Greater Kansas City area has a serious mental illness (SMI). Although serious mental illnesses such as major depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and anxiety disorders can be effectively treated, about 40% of cases are untreated. Without treatment, SMI can lead to unemployment, increased hospital and emergency room use, incarceration, suicide, and early death due to chronic medical conditions.

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The Cost of Food Insecurity[/efspanel-header]

Food insecurity is silent and stigmatizing. It causes health problems, weakens our families, businesses, and students. In partnership with The HSM Group, a division of Newristics, LLC, we developed the Cost of Food Insecurity (CFI) Calculator to show the devastating impact of food insecurity in Kansas City and measure the best ways to reduce it.


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