Grantee survey provides Health Forward with valuable feedback

In the 2016 grantee perception survey, grantees were asked to use one word to describe Health Forward. The word cloud above was generated using these words, with the largest type face identifying the most commonly used description. The color of each word is stylistic and not indicative of its frequency.

The Health Forward Foundation places a high emphasis on using data to make decisions. Evaluation of projects and programs is necessary in order to learn. It helps us determine what part of a project was successful, and just as importantly, what part needs improvement. It leads us to fine-tune and improve our approaches, and in doing so, it helps us better serve our communities.

We also want to be sure that we are continually improving or maintaining high standards within our organization, and that’s why we look to you for your input. We consider our grantees to be partners in this work, and for this reason, we deeply value your feedback.

This week, Health Forward released the results of our latest grantee perception survey conducted by the Center for Effective Philanthropy. Health Forward participated in this third-party survey in 2012 and found it to be a helpful tool in assessing the Foundation and our grantmaking process to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

Active grantee organizations were asked to complete the survey in the fall of 2016. I’m appreciative to those organizations that took the time to provide us with their valuable feedback.


The survey requested that grantees use one word to describe the Foundation. The results were placed in a word cloud that features words such as supportive, responsive, partner, supportive and committed – all values that are priorities for the Foundation.

Other highlights included our impact on grantees’ fields and communities, clarity and consistency of our communications, transparency, and approachability.

In their suggestions for the Foundation, grantees requested refinements to Health Forward’s selection process. A number of grantees also requested  support of organizations beyond grant funding, as well as opportunities that allow for more gatherings of like-minded organizations.

While our communications was noted as a strength in this survey, the frequency of interactions with staff and staffing contact changes remain opportunities for growth. Over the past few years, Health Forward has added associates and the survey reflected some of the challenges of maintaining consistency while transitioning new staff into their roles.

As we did in 2012, Health Forward associates will process the survey data and begin discussions on what improvements we can make to respond to the feedback provided.

We value our relationship with our partners and sincerely appreciate your honest feedback. It helps us to continue to be the best partner we can be in eliminating barriers to quality health.

You can download and read both the full 2016 CEP grantee perception report and the report summary on our What We Learn page.

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