Free event will offer education on healthy choices to manage diabetes

Lively community event will feature testimony, simple fitness routines, nutrition suggestions and a progress report on diabetes in Kansas City

Last November, members of Plain Talk Community Planning Group participated in a flash mob for National Diabetes Month at Palestine Senior Center in Kansas City, Missouri. They are taking their cause one step further by offering a free diabetes education event on June 23.

Diabetes is a common medical condition that still exists under a shroud of mystery to normal citizens. Care and treatment for this condition doesn’t have to be a mystery or even scary. And, next week, that’s what we aim to do: remove the fear and mystery around a common condition that affects more than 100,000 African Americans in our city.

Plain Talk Community Planning Group will be hosting a community event (ed. note: event details in the side bar) to share progress and education with the public, community leaders, health care professionals, people with diabetes, their families and their caregivers through testimony, fitness routines and more.

Free Diabetes Event:
8:45 – 11:15 a.m.
June 23, 2017
Gregg-Klice Community Center
1600 John Buck O’Neil Way
Kansas City, MO 64108
Free and open to the public

We are especially pleased to welcome eight women from our own community who are advocates for a healthy lifestyle to manage chronic conditions.

Each of these ladies has opted for healthier choices as a way to combat diabetes. They will be sharing their journey, and demonstrate not only the benefits, but also the simplicity of adopting a healthier lifestyle to create a better life for those who live with diabetes.

The program will also include the following segments:

  • Estelle Brooks, fitness guru, and Lynn Miller, gospel singer from Palestine Missionary Baptist Church of Jesus Christ will get the program started in an energized way. An A1C Choir will sing the Negro National anthem, followed by some quick, simple exercises one can do at home or while watching TV. We will also recognize individuals over 65 who have lived a fitness-oriented lifestyle.
  • Assistant professor of Nutrition and Health at the University of Missouri extension Dr. Lydia Kaume will present easy tips to avoid the “nutritional sins” that all of us face. Nadine Farris, an advocate for garden-grown foods, will then demonstrate how a simple, creative smoothie can provide enough energy while avoiding unnecessary calories, and at the same time, reducing the complications associated with diabetes.
  • Next we’ll move into a progress report that examines the state of diabetes in our community over the past year. Everyone will be urged to brainstorm creative ways to reach African Americans during the coming year. This segment will be headed by George Ann Jackson, Mary Eberwein, Dr. Betty Drees and community health activist, Jim “Grand Dad” Nunnelly.
  • The last part of the morning will feature an emphasis on family medical history and why grandparents should be talking to their grandchildren about their chances of contracting diabetes. A special grandparent/grandchild dance, spearheaded by dance preservationist De Barker, will close out the meeting, along with a special “Grandmother family history presentation,” led by the AARP-Mid City chapter. Janice Nunnelly and Lucille Douglass will head up this segment.

All throughout the morning, resource materials will be distributed and there will be time allowed to speak directly with the presenters and the planning committee. Participants will also have opportunities to sign up for free diabetes classes, conveniently held at community agencies and housing units. Dance and fitness classes information will be available.

We expect this event to be a lively and engaging event, and we hope to see you there.

There are a variety of ways to register for this free event:

  • Call Jim “Grand Dad” Nunnelly at 816.695.4200

For general diabetes information, we recommend the following sources:

  • Listen to “Plain Talk on Diabetes” radio show each Monday at 1:00 p.m. on KPRT 1590 AM

The Health Forward Foundation is proud to support this event.

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