Focus on Implementation of Health Reform

The federal health reform bill was signed into law in March of this year after months of difficult and very messy negotiations and partisan political activity. It was not a pretty sight to watch even if you liked the final outcome. It certainly did not inspire confidence in our elected officials.

While national polls show that the vast majority of Americans strongly approve of the specific provisions of this new law, the same polls are still showing that most Americans are not in favor of this health reform legislation. The only way I can understand this apparent lack of consistency is that Americans are showing their lack of support for the process used to pass health reform legislation, even though most Americans support the provisions contained in the bill.

Frankly, passing the legislation may prove to be a shorter process than getting agreement on the rules and regulations that are presently being drafted by the federal government to implement this new law. What is encouraging to me is that the hospital industry, insurance companies, consumer groups, drug companies and other health related groups are talking and listening to the federal officials who are writing the regulations trying to come to agreement on appropriate regulations. This is the only way that we will reach an acceptable conclusion to all the parties involved.

We are past talking about if we should have a health reform bill…we should now be totally focused on how to implement a new health reform law. This is our opportunity as Americans to design a new health delivery system that provides quality health outcomes at an affordable price.

Health Reform

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