Farewell to our beloved Rhonda Holman

Brenda Calvin, Rhonda Holman and Bridget McCandless in the photo booth at Health Forward's 10-year celebration picnic last year.

Health Forward's Day at the K: Rhonda attends Steve Roling's retirement party

Rhonda and President/CEO Bridget McCandless at the 2016 Board and CAC Reception

Health Forward associates enjoyed a fun afternoon celebrating our horror and gangster movie loving COO Rhonda Holman, who will retire at the end of the month.

Happy retirement, Rhonda!

Rhonda and former President/CEO Steve Roling

Rhonda and Health Forward staff spending time together gleaning with a grantee

Rhonda at the 2016 Board and CAC Reception

Health Forward at a Sporting KC game

What a bittersweet message to write. This is a time to celebrate the a wonderful career of our friend and colleague, Rhonda Holman.

Rhonda has had a career that spanned education, banking, entrepreneurship and philanthropy. I know that in each of those fields she learned much and gave much—of herself and her wisdom and patience and humor. The Health Care Foundation was fortunate enough to be the recipient of that array of gifts and experience for 12 years as she served as program officer and VP/COO. Rhonda’s fingerprints exist across the organization—in the way we make grants, care for each other and live out our mission.

Anyone who knows Rhonda will tell you that she is fair and honorable. She knows who she is and has room in her heart for so many. She talked about her Aunt Louise using those exact words. I never knew Aunt Louise so I can’t tell you where Rhonda gets her wonderful sense of humor but I do know that Rhonda’s goodness and commitment to the community come from her family. I know it because I can see those qualities passed down to her daughter and grandson.

It is all of these things that make it that much harder to say goodbye to her. And yet, we are delighted to see her off into retirement where she has more time to love Amanda and Marley, and to celebrate some well-earned relaxation. I know that she will live this next phase with meaning and purpose and joy just like the one she was willing to share with us. I count Rhonda as one of the greatest gifts I will get in my lifetime. I look forward to hearing how she celebrates her retirement and all of those new people who will get to count her among the best gifts they are given in life.

Rhonda, we will miss you in untold ways.

Editor’s note: Rhonda will officially retire June 30, so there’s still time to wish her well in her retirement.

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9 thoughts on “Farewell to our beloved Rhonda Holman

    Rhonda, Good luck in your retirement. You are a lovely person and I not only enjoyed our conversations but also felt fortunate to have you as a friend.

    Scott Lakin

    Rhonda, Kansas City is a better place because of your dedication to the whole community! Enjoy your next journey.

    Larry Hayes

    Rhonda, best wishes to you. I know you will enjoy your well deserved retirement. Thanks for being a friend and mentor to me over the years. I’ve learned so much from observing you in action and from our talks.

    Wishing you the very best in retirement, Rhonda. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to get to know you, and I have no doubt that the wonderful impact you’ve had on the KC community will continue to unfold even after you are no longer at work on a daily basis. Cheers!

    Rhonda, it’s been a pleasure to know you and work with you. I’m sure your retirement just means you’ll impact the world and all of us in new ways. Good luck and enjoy!
    Sheldon Weisgrau

    The best human being I have ever had the honor to call a colleague and friend. Gary Baker

    Hi! I’m an old friend (UMKC Ph.D cohort) of Rhonda Holman. I’m looking for an updated email, since she’s retired, and her work email is the only email I have. We are having a Ph.D cohorts’ reunion lunch and I want to invite her. Thanks! Sandy Price, seprice@asu.edu

    Hi, Sandy. I checked with Rhonda and she is still checking her Health Forward email. Feel free to email her!

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