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Welcome to the new Health Forward web site. Jennifer Sykes, our communications officer, has spent many months talking to our stakeholders in order to improve the efficiency and responsiveness of our new web site. Our “old” web site was well received if people were trying to find out information about our grant making process. Hopefully we have enhanced this process even further with our “new” web site.

The primary reason we created this new web site is to improve our effectiveness in bringing you useful national, regional and local information about health trends, data and news in one location. We are all busy and it is our hope that the Health Forward website will become a place you can first turn to when seeking health information.

In partnership with the Kansas Health Institute (KHI) News Service, we are going to provide you with high quality journalism stories about various health related matters of interest in Kansas and Missouri. These news articles will be written by professional journalists. The articles will be fair and may or may not reflect the views of the Health Care Foundation. With the recent layoffs and other changes in media, we feel it is important to provide stories on health related matters that are not as readily available as they have in years past.

In addition, the Foundation is active on Facebook and Twitter. We update our Health Forward pages daily to provide you with national, regional and local news stories and information. Please become our “friends” and we are happy to share information with you that we think you will find useful.

Finally we have a Local Health Buzz blog and I will write a blog (Steve’s Blog) weekly about matters of interest to our readers which can be found on our website. We welcome your feedback and we thank you in advance for any suggestions you have on our “new” website. Please share with us potential changes you would like to see.

We value your input and we hope that our “new” website will be helpful to you in your important work.