Elite Eight: Health Madness Results

Healthy Eating/Active Living division
Complete Streets and Physical Activity both raced to the finish, with Complete Streets snagging the champion spot by five votes. Complete streets would facilitate safer transportation for everyone, especially children walking or riding a bike to school.

Physical/Oral Health
Essential Oral Health Benefits took the lead over Preventive Screenings and didn’t look back. Teeth win again in this division. One of the best ways people can maintain overall health is through high-quality oral health care. Regular dental checkups and the resulting better oral health can help people control chronic diseases. A focus on ensuring that insurance offers comprehensive dental care benefits would help make regular trips to the dentist more affordable.

Mental Health Division
Another close match decided by five votes, Essential Mental Health Benefits narrowly advanced over Integrate Health/Mental Health. Regardless, the outcome of this match was a win/win for ensuring that mental health is a key component of our health care. With less than half the people diagnosed with mental illness receiving treatment, there is much that can be done to provide more services, treatments and facilities. Adding mental health coverage to insurance is a good place to start.

Tobacco Use Division
And, with an outcome that should surprise no one who has been following the Health Madness results, Smoke-free Bars and Restaurants reigns supreme in the Tobacco Use division. This method is arguably one of the easiest Health Madness prevention strategies to implement immediately and with little monetary cost, but big health benefits.

So there you have it! Our Final Four teams. Voting for the Final Four is now open until 1 p.m., Sunday, April 7. Make sure your favorite prevention strategy goes on to compete in the championship game!

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