With deep gratitude, thank you to all our volunteers

Did you know that 62 million people volunteer each year? Most of them volunteer for an average of 40 hours per year. It never ceases to amaze me how much people are willing to invest time and energy into their communities. That expertise, love and devotion are indispensable.

This week we celebrate National Volunteer Week. Points of Light, the¬†organizers of National Volunteer Week, says this week is an “opportunity to recognize and thank volunteers who lend their time, talent, voice and support to build stronger, more vibrant communities through service.”

Many of our most beloved traditions and activities in our communities are propped up by dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers.

With that thought in mind, I hope you take this week to thank someone who’s volunteering. There are those people who are the direct service volunteers who pack food bags, read to children, tutor after school, check on neighbors, help at church and serve in countless other ways. There are those people who volunteer to raise funds to continue the work of nonprofits. There are those people who volunteer their skills and expertise on boards of directors.

We need all of them. It makes our community so much richer because of their contributions.

And so, I also take time today to offer my gratitude to those special people who have served and currently serve the Health Care Foundation as members of the board of directors and the Community Advisory Committee.

With gratitude to…

Board of Directors Community Advisory Committee
Mary Ann Arnott* Thomas Alber
Roberta Austin Coker* Everet Asjes III
Larry Blankinship Jessica Ayala
James Bower Sister Therese Bangert
Marshaun Butler Melissa Berg-Harmon
Thomas Carignan Dee Ann Bowles
Emanuel Cleaver Howard Braby
Gena Clounch* Ronald Bremer
Dan Couch Nozella Brown
Karen Cox Georgia Buchanan
Tom Cranshaw Cindy Chang
Phil Curls Art Chaudry
Sheilahn Davis-Wyatt Enrique Chaurand
Betty Drees Jean-Paul Chaurand
James F. Dockins David Clark
Bernie Erdman LaTedra Collins
Christina Esteban-Hernandez Carolyn Cornett
Sukumar Ethirajan John Cottrell
Mark Flaherty Rev. Anyanwu Cox
Alan Flory* D.J. Davis
Chuck Foudree Niki Lee Donawa
Bernard Franklin Lou Edwards
Edwin Galan David Michael Enos
Susan B. Garrett Steve Estep
Ron Goldsmith Ramona Farris
Gurnie Gunter Leslie Fields
Frederick W. Hahn Hal Ferraro
Rev. Dr. Wallace Hartsfield Wesley Fields
Spence Heddens Rosemary Flanigan
Rene Herman James Flynn
Mamie Hughes Glenna Garcia
Mary James* Brian Geary
Mary Lou Jaramillo Robert F. Glaser
Norge W. Jerome* Jon R. Gray*
Harry S. Jonas* Tom Haley
Bishop Steve Jones Jane Heide
Garland Land Richard Hellman
John Martin Philip Hickman
William F. Mauer George Hoech, Jr.
Albert P. Mauro, Sr. Gayle Holliday
Sr. Marie McCarther Brian K. Johnson
Ann Mesle Lynda Johnson
Julie Meyer Jerry Jones
Rodney Minkin Robin Jones
Richard Nadeau Jill Kanatzar
Marcia J. Nielson Aaron Link
James Nunnelly* Vickie Massey
Michael O’Dell Lois McDonald
Brenda Pelofsky Sheila McGreevy
Karen Pletz Siobhan McLaughlin-Lesley
Wayne Powell Susan Mills-Gray
Daniel Purdom Marcia Milner
Juan Rangel* Mary Jo Moore
Kimberly Riley Josephine Njoroge
Roy L. Robinson Mother Nicole Oakes
Sylvia L. Robinson Wendell Olson
Zori Rodriguez Lisa Peek
David Ross Sister Vickie Perkins
Landon Rowland Alversia Pettigrew
Norm Siegel* Thuylinh Pham
Julia Simmons Barbara Potts
Stephenie Smith Alan Powell
Kenny Southwick* Melissa Robinson
Ken Stremming* Father Norm Rotert
Rev. Fuzzy Thompson Brent Schondelmeyer
Rita Valenciano Diane Seif
Donna Valponi-Brookhart Daniel Shea
Peg VanWagoner Gary Sherrer
Dr. Herman Watson Michael Shinn
Bridget Williams Rosemary Smith Lowe
Susan B. Wilson Robert F. Talkingon
Kimberly Young Shani Tate-Ross
Terry Thompson*
Al W. Tikwart, Jr.
Jerome Tolzer
Terry Trafton
Thomas Turner
Maurice A. Watson
Michael Weaver
LaShawn Walker
Kelvin Walls
Jason White
John Wood
Mary Zimmerman

*Denotes service to both the board and CAC

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