COVID-19 Vaccine Education Equity Fund

Health Forward Foundation, the REACH Healthcare Foundation, and Wyandotte Health Foundation are partnering to support vaccine education and outreach to community-based organizations to ensure that Black, Latinx, immigrant/refugee, and rural populations receive up-to-date and accurate information about COVID vaccines.

The Vaccine Education Equity Fund will fund organizations in Jackson, Cass, and Lafayette counties in Missouri, and Wyandotte, Johnson, and Allen counties in Kansas. 

The fund will prioritize engagement and education efforts in the next six months that:

  • Provide accurate information about the vaccines’ development and effectiveness
  • Increase understanding and buy-in about the benefit of widespread vaccine uptake
  • Provide up-to-date information about when and where individuals can get vaccinated

If you have questions, email Jennifer Sykes, Health Forward Communications Director.

Applications are now closed.

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