Count Yourself Lucky

Since March 31 I have been writing a blog and must admit that it is fun to express a point of view on community issues and then receive feedback from people you know and from folks you have never met. I thank all of you for reading and responding, either in writing or the other ways you have contacted me.

Today I don’t want to talk about a community issue but rather on a matter that is weighing on my heart. I was notified earlier this week that one of our outstanding Health Forward board members has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She is very active in the community and this news has been very difficult to accept.

About three months ago my best friend from high school was diagnosed with early stage melanoma. He is going through chemotherapy treatment and even though things are a little rough now, we have much hope for the future.

Thankfully both of these folks are surrounded with loving family and friends. Most of us take so many things for granted. We never know when we may be given “news” that may change our life as we know it today. Our time here on earth is limited. Count yourself lucky to share your life– both the good and bad times — with family and other people you love, enjoy and respect.


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