Committee announces search firm for Health Forward president/CEO

2019 Health Forward Board of Directors

In January, Health Forward Foundation President/CEO Dr. Bridget McCandless announced her retirement. Shortly after, I was asked to lead a search committee to begin the process of identifying our next leader.

Anyone who has been involved in a search committee before knows this is no small task. But there is no more important responsibility we have as board members and I’m honored that my colleagues have trust in me to lead this process.

I firmly believe the strength of a search committee is the rich diversity of opinion and perspective each member brings to the table. I’m fortunate to be joined on a search committee by current and former board members, a CAC member, and Health Forward staff who all bring a wealth of diverse opinions and perspectives.

Already the committee has discussed the importance of a diverse search for the next president/CEO. This will be the third leader of Health Forward, a foundation that annually grants $20 million to a six-county area, is a respected advocacy voice in both states, and is a partner to hundreds of agencies and nonprofits in our communities. It is with that in mind, that we approach the search process with deliberation and gravity.

As a committee, we’ve convened to discuss the search and hiring process. We wish to honor the necessary confidentiality of candidates, while also being transparent with updates to the board. We also issued a search firm request for proposal.

After a thorough local and national search, we are pleased to announce that we have selected Witt/Kieffer to help us lead a thoughtful and competitive search for the next president/CEO on behalf of the board. Witt/Kieffer’s invaluable expertise will be crucial as we focus on identifying qualified candidates locally and nationally.

More information will be forthcoming on the search and how to apply. In the meantime, interested parties may send information to the confidential email Messages will be forwarded to the search firm.

We will continue to update the public and the board on our progress, including full details about the application open dates, how to apply, and conclusion of the search.

While we still have miles to go on our journey, I’m proud to be part of an organization that was so intentional in assembling a search committee with a blend of people who are well-respected, who represent the traditions and values of the organization, and who have an eye on the future needs of Health Forward.

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    I saw the word diverse (or a version of the word) used I hope this also applies to the person who will fill the position. Searching for diverse candidates must be intentional.


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