Coming Soon: A New Addition

Last week my daughter Stephanie and her husband Jeremy informed our family that they are going to have a baby in November of this year. This will be the first baby on both sides of the family so the excitement barometer hit a high mark when the news was announced.

When exciting news like this happens — it changes your life. I now find myself looking at baby clothes ads in the newspaper, I examined the sidewalks around where Steph and Jeremy live to make sure they could take the baby on long walks, I started looking into how to start a college fund for the new baby, I cleared my work calendar so I will be available to help when the baby was born.

I started thinking about my grandma and how she taught me how to hook slide when I was 10 years old, how my grandpa taught me how to milk a cow by hand, how my grandma like to read to me and sit on the front porch and talk. Both of my grandmas were great cooks and there was nothing better than fried chicken and cherry pies.

Now it is my turn to give back and share what I have learned from my parents and grandparents and share my experiences with my new grandchild. My wife and I are very excited but what excites me the most is to see how excited Stephanie and Jeremy are and how they are both emotionally and physically preparing to bring a new child into the world. Of course, their house needs a little “baby remolding”, a garden needs to be planted so the new mom can eat fresh vegetables during her pregnancy, baby furniture, baby clothes and baby books need to be purchased, etc.

When I was first told about the baby—I cried tears of joy! My guess is this will be the first of many tears, hugs, and smiles… These are very exciting times!


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