Clay County should vote yes for children’s services fund

This has been a year in which politics has colored and impacted everyone, regardless of political party or point of view. It has been a year in which the importance of an individual vote and the collective consequence of our elections has been underscored and illuminated from every direction.

It has also been a year that has demonstrated that, even in these discontented times, thousands of people can overcome division and use the ballot box to change the lives and futures of our community’s most vulnerable children and youth. In November 2016, 60 percent of all voters in Jackson County voted to pass the Children’s Service Fund. Democrats and Republicans, men and women, young and old, they all cast aside differences, and voted to approve a small sales tax that would benefit children and youth across the county. This opportunity their community gave them could change their lives forever.

We’re asking for our friends, family and neighbors in Clay County to come together and vote for the future of our children.

The Clay County commissioners made the heartfelt, unanimous decision to place the Children’s Services Fund on the ballot in Clay County for a special August 8 election. We thank and appreciate the willingness of Clay County’s leaders to stand up for our kids.   

Voters across Clay County will have the opportunity to vote yes for Prop One on August 8 and become the 10th county in Missouri to put their pennies together to change the lives of kids and families.

Prop One creates a Children’s Services Fund for Clay County through a ¼-cent sales tax. The Fund is managed by an independent citizen board and is a responsible approach that increases capacity, tackles tough issues, puts families first, and keeps tax dollars at home to help Clay County kids.

Our children need us:

  • Clay County children are turned away from needed services each year because the capacity does not exist to serve them. For example, Synergy alone annually turns away about 200 youth in need of transitional housing. 
  • Issues like drug use, child abuse and juvenile crime put our families and neighborhoods at risk. 

By voting yes on Prop One, residents of Clay County can help these children before it’s too late. Early intervention reduces these tough problems in the short-term and produces a return of $11 for every $1 spent by decreasing future health care, imprisonment and other social welfare costs.

Children’s Services Funds have had great success elsewhere in Missouri — counties that have adopted the fund are seeing rates related to school dropout, juvenile crime and teen pregnancy decrease by an average of 50 percent.

Synergy joins with all of the agencies and programs struggling to meet the needs of children in Clay County to thank our Commissioners for their leadership, and to urge everyone that to vote yes for Prop One is to vote yes for our kids. It is an investment that will return dividends for generations to come!

Learn more about Prop One.


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