Celebrating Life’s Milestones

No matter how busy we are at work…our family always takes over as the top priority at certain milestone times in our life.

In July 2010 our oldest daughter was married. And just last weekend our youngest daughter married another wonderful man. This November, my oldest daughter and her husband will have a baby – the first grandchild on both sides of the family. These milestone events are causes for celebration and much happiness.

Because family is such an important part of our life, these special occasions cause us to remember those family members who are no longer living, but still in a very real way are with us in spirit. My dad passed away in 2004, so while he did not attend either of his two granddaughters’s wedding and he will not be able to hold his first great-grandchild in his arms…somehow, he is always there in spirit. Death can remove the physical body but it can never remove the spirit or the memories.

My wife and I were so proud to walk our daughter down the aisle this last weekend. It was a glorious occasion full of smiles, hugs and of course some tears of joy. Our family is so blessed … not only for what we have today but for the memories of our family traditions. And now we anxiously await the birth of our new granddaughter. Wow, this is a magical time in our life and it is such a blessing to have a family – both dead and alive– to share these happy days with.


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