Kansas City’s bike boom: Born in a pandemic, what happens next?

Like towns and cities all over the world, Kansas City is experiencing a “bike boom” as the novel coronavirus rages on. With people working from home, kids attending school online, and families fighting cabin fever, many are turning to bikes as a way to get outside, exercise, and experience their neighborhoods. Local bike retailers report […]

Addressing hunger and health during a pandemic

Hunger is a solvable, social determinant of health. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted various factors that drive deep health disparities in our communities. There is a renewed urgency to face these factors directly and address hunger as a health issue in a meaningful way.  The 4th Annual Hunger-Free Healthcare Summit will engage in this important […]

Finding your ‘why’ in a pandemic

Day in and day out, Mercy and Truth Medical Missions serves the poorest of the poor and the sickest of the sick. Our patients include the essential workers who have continued to serve the community at their own personal risk during this pandemic. When COVID-19 emerged in our region, our patients asked how they could […]

Your Story: Seton Center responds to COVID-19

Improved oral health, better education, and lower costs have been the heart of Seton Center’s Dental Services since 1999. It is reflected in our mission and practiced every day as we serve those in need to improve their quality of life and change generational behavior. Dental Services works with each patient to understand their oral […]

Your Story: Hope Faith responds to COVID-19

Since 2004, Hope Faith has passionately strived to meet the needs of Kansas City’s homeless and vulnerable community members.  Hope Faith humbly started off by serving sack lunches in the Westport neighborhood. We have grown steadily over the years, providing clothing and other essential items, and eventually evolving to a 47,000 square foot collaborative daytime […]

Preschoolers and mental health: How to help children during the pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis has brought concerns for mental health issues to the forefront for almost everyone. However, one group that is often overlooked is the very young. Often it is difficult for parents, child care providers, and other caregivers to realize that even preschoolers can meet the diagnostic criteria for certain mental health disorders. For […]

Your Story: Care Beyond the Boulevard responds to COVID-19

Care Beyond the Boulevard (CBB) has been providing mobile medical clinic services to individuals experiencing homelessness on the streets in the Kansas City metro for over four years.​ With a mission of compassionate health care for all, CBB’s B​ig Green Bus​ mobile clinic and volunteer corps of practitioners and volunteers are out seeing patients four […]

Your Story: Sunflower House responds to COVID-19

While we all know that our community is dealing with many repercussions from the COVID-19 pandemic — astronomical unemployment rates, families struggling to make ends meet, higher grocery prices, and inability to find basic cleaning supplies in our local grocery stores, perhaps the repercussion that hit all of us with a vengeance is the stay-at-home […]

Your Story: Center for Developmentally Disabled responds to COVID-19

Center for Developmentally Disabled (CDD) provides housing and life-skill supports, day programming, and community integration services to 180 adults with developmental disabilities in the greater Kansas City metro area. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the people we work with in several ways. Gone are the community outings, social gatherings, and visits from family and friends. […]

Uneven opportunity: Safe and available employment during a pandemic

Even as businesses and workplaces cautiously re-open, Health Forward is acutely aware that among low-income individuals and people of color, employment opportunities, working conditions, and benefits vary dramatically.  Addressing these disparities is essential, as is advocating for policies that advance economic inclusion and health equity. Unemployment disparities We all know that too many people are […]

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