New finance leader hopes to inspire change through impact investing

I began my career at the New York Mercantile Exchange when futures and options were still traded in open outcry ‘pits’ (like in the movie Trading Spaces).  This experience taught me not only about the power of investment markets but also about the ever-changing nature of these complex markets. My move to invest primarily on […]

What we’re watching: February 2022 legislative update in Kansas, Missouri

Health Forward Foundation is supporting and building inclusive, powerful, and healthy communities by prioritizing people who experience the greatest injustices in health outcomes. We are working to remove those injustices through our leadership, advocacy, and resources.  Our current Kansas and Missouri policy agendas outline the unique challenges each state faces and seeks to address state-centric […]

Celebrating Adriana Pecina’s 15th anniversary at Health Forward

Adriana Pecina
Program Officer, Health Forward Foundation

Adriana Pecina joined Health Forward when it was a fledgling foundation, and she brought with her a wealth of experience in philanthropy. She has co-led our Healthy Communities initiative for many years, including the Healthy Communities Leadership Academy, which has helped connect and grow leaders across our region. She is passionate, warm, optimistic, and known […]

Health Forward’s new purpose is just the beginning of a more equitable future

I’ve been looking forward to this day ever since my first day at Health Forward last May. For over a year, the foundation has been working tirelessly on defining our purpose and building new strategies and initiatives. I joined this process in the middle and have been impressed and inspired by the work and dedication […]

Health Forward commits to building inclusive, powerful, healthy communities

The week Americans commemorate Martin Luther King Jr., Health Forward Foundation will share a new purpose and strategies that will guide our work for the foreseeable future.  As much as Dr. King spoke on civil rights and racial justice, economic justice was at the core of his activism. As he penned in 1963 from a […]

Celebrating Jane Mosley’s 15-year anniversary

Jane Mosley, PhD
Director of Evaluation and Learning, Health Forward Foundation

Jane Mosley has been directing Health Forward’s learning and evaluation for the last 15 years. Early on, she co-led our Healthy Lifestyles funding round and served as a program officer, managing a portfolio of grants.  In all her roles, she has worked closely with our staff and grantees. She has led our team through efforts […]

Health Forward CFO retires after 13 years: ‘blessed to be part of the growth of this amazing foundation’

Farewells are difficult so I choose not to think of it in those terms, more of a “see you soon.”  The foundation was just a little over four years old when I started as the CFO and still considered in its formative years.  Over the last 13 years, I have witnessed such tremendous growth, maturity, […]

After year of work, reflection, Health Forward thrilled to announce new purpose in 2022

Reflecting on the past year at Health Forward, our work can be summarized as learning, listening, and reflecting. As we’ve shared, we spent 2021 in a purpose alignment process. This process allowed us to identify the motivation behind our work. This renewed commitment to our communities will guide our new, five-year purpose plan that will […]

New Health Forward associate embraces spirit of giving at Health Forward

In November, I joined Health Forward as Qiana’s executive assistant. I will be supporting Qiana and her leadership team through an array of tasks, but especially by managing their complex calendars, creating visual presentations and agendas, and coordinating with the board of directors and Community Advisory Committee.  My path to Health Forward is not the […]

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