Canvassing Team Covers KC

With the deadline for open enrollment through the Health Insurance Marketplace quickly approaching, I jumped at the opportunity to join the CoverKC team canvassing the neighborhoods in the Greater Kansas City area.

In my opinion, access to medical care is a human right, and I feel privileged to be a member of this dedicated team going door to door, offering information about the Affordable Care Act for those who need it most.

The main focus the CoverKC initiative is to reach local citizens who need information about the Marketplace, and then offer them the opportunity to be contacted by a health care navigator for assistance in obtaining insurance through the Marketplace.

The folks I am working with are truly a wonderful group of people, and together we are reaching thousands of Kansas Citians in both Missouri and Kansas. So many people I speak with appreciate receiving the information right at their door, and in a majority of cases, they eagerly request enrollment assistance from a navigator.

I have worked as a canvasser for a number of causes that are important to me, and enjoy talking with people about subjects for which I have a genuine passion. This initiative has easily been one of the most personally rewarding. The reception has been wonderful, and people are often relieved to find the unexpected help we are offering, like connecting them with navigators, who then can guide them through the Marketplace, help them enroll, and answer the many questions they have.

Quite frankly, after much of the inaccurate media hype, many of them do not know about the particular benefits that are now available because of this new law.

I have met people who have good jobs, but have never been able to afford insurance; people looking for a more affordable path in their fight against chronic illnesses; and others who are simply seeking better coverage than they already have. One nice couple was initially disappointed that I wasn’t the technician from Google Fiber, however, the husband later said he was almost as happy to see me.

This effort is unique because it is the only one of its kind in the country, and I am sincerely happy to live somewhere with organizations taking the immense amount of time and energy required for an undertaking of this kind, particularly to reach the most economically challenged parts of the metropolitan area.

We have two more months to go, and many more neighborhoods to visit and people to meet. It is truly gratifying to know the efforts being made by myself and the other members of my team are making a concrete difference in the lives and health of the many people we meet daily. I know the work we are doing is changing and saving lives.

CoverKC, an initiative of Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas, is an awareness campaign to help the currently more than 250,000 uninsured residents of the Kansas City region understand their options and receive reputable assistance regarding health insurance and the marketplace.

CoverKC includes a canvassing team going door-to-door to eligible households, as well as mail, phone and online efforts to direct people to

Visit to get more information, including an opportunity to request in-person assistance enrolling in the marketplace.

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