Campaign urges individuals to pause for self-care

#AliveAndWellfor5 is a state-wide campaign designed to create a common understanding about the healing power of self-care as a strategy to build community and organizational well-being. This campaign is for participants, wherever they are, to take a brief 5-minute pause at 10:15am on May 15th, to practice personal self-care.

If you see your mobile phone power level has dipped below 15 percent, what do you do? If your gas tank is hovering near E, what’s your next move? Our devices and our cars need to be re-energized — but what about us? In your day-to-day push, have you ever thought to yourself, “If I just had a moment to recharge … ?

The Alive and Well for 5 campaign aims to motivate people to take a five-minute pause for personal self-care. Just five minutes. We urge everyone (including organizations) to “look inward to move forward.”  

Alive and Well for 5 is a state-wide campaign designed to create a common understanding about the healing power of self-care as a way to build well-being. Alive and Well Communities understands that self-care is an essential strategy in building community and organizational well-being for Missouri, Kansas, and partner states, across all sectors of the community.

On May 15 at 10:15 a.m., everyone participating in the campaign will stop for five minutes to practice self-care. Participants will be encouraged to post their self-care strategy on social media throughout the day. This will contribute to larger community efforts focused on well-being, and encourage others to begin their own journeys to better health.

We all have the power to ease the impact of trauma and toxic stress in those around us by being fully present with them. We may be a corporate or nonprofit professional, teacher, nurse, social worker, or a caregiver. We may feel the needs in our own families, neighborhoods, or faith communities. But we can provide this healing presence only when we have first tended to our own well-being. Within the desire to support individuals in our communities and families, it is important to stop and ask, “In what ways am I supporting myself?” or “How does self-care look for me?”

In preparation for the May 15 kick-off, ambassadors for Alive and Well Communities and other participants have engaged in and facilitated conversations about self-care in organizations across our states.

Individuals have been sharing their self-care strategies on social media, leading up to May 15. You can search #30daysofselfcare on your social media channels to see how individuals are integrating self-care into their lives, beginning with building new habits using practices that take only five minutes. 

After May 15, Alive and Well Communities invites the community to continue the conversation about self-care at three, free educational seminars offered during the coming year.

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