Transportation barriers impact health care access

Walking, biking, driving … it can be easy to take for granted how we get around. I was reminded of that a few weeks ago, when a broken right foot led to doctor’s orders for me to limit walking and to stop driving for six weeks. Fortunately I’ve received help getting where I need to […]

If you build it, will they come? Lessons in creating a multi-sector collaboration

Casual observers of the health and human services landscape may be surprised whenever they learn about a new program, service, or a new organization that seems to spring whole-cloth and overnight from “nothing” into “something.” In reality, the origins of the most successful “somethings” begin with long awareness of a specific and compelling community need […]

Building healthier communities in KC’s Historic Northeast

Where people live, work and play significantly impacts their overall health. Communities are able to thrive when they have access to healthy environments, and Mattie Rhodes Center is pleased to assist in this effort through their “Health and Wellness Program” supported by Health Forward Foundation. Mattie Rhodes Center (MRC) is excited to announce that this […]

Recap of the 2019 legislative session in Kansas and Missouri

Health Forward maintains a commitment to igniting communities of health for those most in need. One of the ways we do so is by using our voice to ensure that our elected leaders prioritize policy changes that support the health and well-being of our communities. Our policy agenda guides our work and keeps us on […]

Committee announces search firm for Health Forward president/CEO

In January, Health Forward Foundation President/CEO Dr. Bridget McCandless announced her retirement. Shortly after, I was asked to lead a search committee to begin the process of identifying our next leader. Anyone who has been involved in a search committee before knows this is no small task. But there is no more important responsibility we […]

Grants administrator celebrates 5 years at Health Forward

WOW! Five years with Health Forward. It came fast. I remember the first big project I was tasked with: taking registrations and attending the Community Conversation forum, which took place in October 2014. This event brought together a diverse group of people into one room to discuss barriers to health and how the community can […]

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