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What a healthier Wyandotte looks like

January 18, 2017

A couple months ago, Healthy Communities Wyandotte (HCW) threw a party for its 5th anniversary. Consider some of the highlights we celebrated: We partnered with the Community Health Council of Wyandotte County to enroll over 4,000 residents in health coverage, and decrease the rate of uninsured from 26 percent to 14 percent. This was the […]

Enroll Wyandotte Helps Lower Wyandotte County Uninsured Rate by 8 Percent

January 16, 2015

KCK Mayor Mark Holland is fond of expressing the need in Wyandotte County by stating that we have 5 percent of Kansas’s population but 10 percent of its uninsured. After last year’s enrollment campaign, he may need to fact-check those numbers. Data released by Health & Human Serves in 2014 showed that more than 4,000 […]

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