Blog Posts By: Stephanie Boyer

Drug Courts Save: Lives, Families, Costs and Communities

May 6, 2015

This May, the Kansas City, Missouri Municipal Court Drug Court will join more than 2,900 drug courts nationwide in celebrating National Drug Court Month. Veterans treatment courts will be celebrated at this time, too. This year’s theme is “Drug Courts Save.” Whether it is saving lives, saving families, saving communities, saving veterans, or saving resources, […]

Missouri Drug Court: Rebuilding Lives and Reducing Crime

May 13, 2014

Envision parents once weakened by drugs restored and reconnecting with their children. Imagine a previously unemployed substance abuser learning new job skills or obtaining a GED. Picture someone thanking, even hugging, the police officer who arrested them because that is what put them on the road to recovery. I have experienced this and more while […]

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