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What Missourians need to know to vote Yes on Amendment 2

June 25, 2020

I will admit that, in the midst of a global health pandemic that appears to be resurging in Missouri, as well as the protest movement for racial justice, it can be easy to lose focus on things that would otherwise command our attention.  Elections, especially primary elections that tend to have lower turnout anyway, can […]

Disappointed But Not Deterred, Missouri Medicaid Expansion Proponents Will Push On

May 24, 2013

Salus populi suprema lex esto The welfare of the People Shall be the Supreme Law As our legislature adjourns for the year, one cannot help but wonder if our state motto is as outdated as the Latin it is written in. Missouri‚Äôs legislature, the Senate in particular, never seriously contemplated expanding Medicaid eligibility for 260,000 […]

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