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KC Life 360: Changing lives daily through employment, housing, health care

November 19, 2020

Most new diagnoses of HIV are among people who struggle with low employment opportunities and housing insecurity. For those living with HIV, finding employment and housing can be a challenge. […]

How to do data integration: The process from City of Kansas City, Health Department

November 28, 2018

Providers need all of the available data to best serve their clients. However, some client information is not available when it could be useful to a provider, even though the […]

Improving HIV quality of care through data integration

September 20, 2018

HIV+ individuals suffer from high levels of stigma. Unfortunately, discrimination and prejudice still exist for people living with HIV. Therefore, any data that is tied to HIV status must be […]

What no one tells you about leadership

July 18, 2017

Who honestly cares about leadership? I don’t think I have ever heard someone say, “Omg! I can’t wait until the next leadership seminar that I have to attend!” I work […]

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