Being a Grandparent Is the Best Stage in Life

Well, it happened on our 38th wedding anniversary — I now know the name I will be called for the rest of my life: Gam Pa.

My young granddaughter, Isabelle, shouted my new name at me when I walked into her house this past holiday weekend. Last week Isabelle had tubes put in her ears because she was constantly getting ear infections. Since the tubes have been installed, she has been talking up a storm.

For the last two years, my two older step-grandchildren have called me Grandpa Steve…I smile every time I hear it. Now I have to also get used to being called Gam Pa.

I was told by many that being a grandparent was the best stage in life…and now I am a believer!

Being Grandpa Steve or Gam Pa is a badge of honor that I wear proudly — thanks to Eli, Luci and Isabelle for giving me this honor!


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