Are All Taxes Bad?

Have you ever heard politicians say, “I’ll never raise taxes?”

There has been a popular petition passed around to legislators, and if they sign it, they can’t raise taxes. I thought that one out for a while, and concluded that if I were to sign it, I would literally be put into handcuffs.

In general, I am not for new taxes, but I have a concern with the Missouri State budget. The one area where we could impose a tax increase is tobacco.

Yes, I said it—tobacco.

After reviewing the national average it astounded me that we only have a $0.17 per pack tax, and the national average is over $1.00. If we were to increase it to even $0.75 per pack, our state budget would easily be balanced.

Who knows, maybe raising the tobacco tax would encourage people not to use so much tobacco, and maybe quit all-together.

This proposal has two good intentions. First, the budget; and second, decreasing the risk of cancer.

Unfortunately, there are too many Legislators with no spine, and they wouldn’t touch this even if they could because either they use tobacco themselves, or they don’t think they would get re-elected raising a tax.


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