And Your Health Madness Champion Is …

The championship round of Health Madness mirrored last night’s championship game between Louisville and Michigan — game full of excitement with two teams worthy of competing for the top spot.

There were lead changes, some fast breaks, answered quickly by votes from the other team, and ultimately a win decided by one point.

Your Health Madness champion is … [drum roll] …

Essential Mental Health Benefits!

Complete Streets put up a valiant effort, but voters felt that insurance coverage for mental health was the most important, and winning, prevention strategy.

We want to thank the hundreds of visitors to our site that voted, and to all the supporters that promoted Health Madness to their social networks.

We had fun seeing how the public voted on these important health strategies, and we hope that it was a fun way for you to raise awareness about different initiatives that help improve the lives and health of those in our communities.

View the final bracket. Link will open a pdf.

A look back at the tournament:

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